Welcome to the Two Minute Drill!

We are excited to be back this year bring you Fantasy Football information, Humor and this year Food. Here we want to give you the information you want about the players who are important to you and just have fun. Hopefully you have as much fun as we do and enjoy your 2013-2014 Fantasy Football season. If there is something you want to see here or just want to drop us a line Like us on Facebook above the menu bar or Follow us on Twitter and drop us a line.

Funnest I have seen in a while, Little Children Correcting NFL Players Tweets! Click HERE


Check out each weeks player rankings HERE

Fun Facts of the Week!!

  • 500 MILLION is put on the line for fantasy Prizes each year

  • 30% of fantasy footballers manage their teams while at office computers

  • If everyone who played fantasy football got paid $5 for every hour they spent on fantasy football it would total 1.2 BILLION dollars a week and $20,655,000.00 a year….WOW!

  • The player with the best yards per carry last year was RG3 with 6.8 yards a carry. This beat AP by .8 yards.

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